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The Monday Morning Memo

The Monday Morning Memo by Roy H. Williams is a weekly must-read for business owners, managers, marketers, and creatives of all types. It’s free. It’s valuable. If you haven’t read it yet…sign up today.

Wizard of Ads Partners

Growing your business lies in uncovering your answers to those questions and working with the Partners to execute your plan.

Wizard of Ads Partners are consultants. Unlike ad agencies who are paid on a percentage of a placed advertising budget, Wizard of Ads Partners are paid on the percentage of your increased business. Partners’ successes are only tied to your successes.

"I believe"

When you started your business, advertising wasn’t a priority. You couldn’t afford it. You didn’t need it. But, change, options, costs, and customers have set off a whirlwind. Should I advertise? What do I say? What should I spend? Where should I spend it? That whirlwind posted you here. Building on years of experience, testing, and messaging, Wizard of Ads partners have the tools to lift many businesses higher, quicker. Is yours one?

  • I believe in the big idea because past numbers aren’t predictors of future success.
  • I believe in a minimum of one face-to-face client meeting annually because it aids communication, analysis, and growth.
  • I believe in the Uncovery because, in order to tell a business’ story effectively, I must know the business, its people, its beliefs, its strengths, its weaknesses, its competitors, and its market.
  • I believe  that understanding the power of the human mind is a never-ending quest.  I support the non-profit Wizard Academy, which is dedicated to asking the questions, teaching the students, and sharing the excitement of discovery and the practical uses of its implementation.
  • I believe  in never giving up because history has taught the value of making the effort, not accepting settled postulates, and not believing hype.
  • I believe  in never giving up because history has taught the value of making the effort, not accepting settled postulates, and not believing hype.
  • I believe  that there is no such thing as boilerplate copy and strategy because no 2 businesses have the same story to tell or the same advantages to deploy.
  • I believe  in constant education, renewal, and challenge… that’s why I participate in two monthly online training sessions (WOA live and partners sessions) and two yearly partner meetings.
  • I believe experience is a valuable teacher, whether it’s benefiting from the attempts of others or the experiments from ourselves; therefore, I communicate with a number of partners to give me insights.

Wizard of Ads Partnership​

Reading The Wizard of Ads was an Aha! a moment in my word life. Commercials lured me to the radio. Announcing utilized a skill. Selling allowed me to write. Clients had services and products.  I had words and voices. After becoming a station manager, my duties changed, but my interest remained with the message. Thankfully I was only a few years into the job when…

The Wizard of Ads, by  Roy H. Williams, jumped into my hands in 2001. in spring 2003, I sat in Roy’s workshop in Atlantic City…in July 2003, I attended Magical Worlds at the Wizard Academy.  In July 2015, I became a Wizard of Ads Partner. Now, I understand better than words are only a part of the process. Wizard of Ads Partners is on a never-sated quest to grow clients’ businesses by developing strategies, uncovering strengths, acknowledging weaknesses, following intuition, and telling the truth.